Help us. Save Ukrainian culture

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We are fighting for our independence rights in response to actions of an insidious enemy that is destroying our language, cultural heritage, and statehood. We have to protect our culture and art by creating a good environment for the artists and professionals who have stayed in Ukraine and those who have moved abroad.

To achieve this, in October 2022, the NGO «Institute for Cultural Policy» collaborated with the «Podillia Talent Development Foundation» to establish the platform «HELP US. SAVE UKRAINIAN CULTURE.» The «UKRAINIAN ART RENAISSANCE» Foundation also joined, undertaking the responsibility to ensure its effective operation.

Main tasks

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  • Supporting artists who have remained in Ukraine and those who have relocated abroad to implement projects
  • Promoting Ukrainian culture and professional art internationally
  • Organizing international fundraising events to restore the activities of cultural institutions and professional groups
  • Promoting Ukrainian cultural heritage abroad

The structure of the platform

  • Leaders

    Founders and coordinators of the platform.

  • The Public Council

    The Public Council consists of 27 individuals — one representative from each region of Ukraine, capable of identifying the problematic segments of the culture and arts sectors within their respective territories.

  • Experts

    Experts are specialists who conduct the selection of projects that require urgent support.

  • Participants

    Participants include all legal entities and individuals who share the Platform’s mission.


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To register your project that requires support (assistance), please fill out the form: